Flex Standees Printing

To create brand awareness and identity of the company we showcase high quality standees at different places like Shopping malls, conferences, business promotions, exhibitions, big gatherings and many more places. We always encourage our customers to upload or share their standee design template with us. It can be welcome standee design, advertising standee or choose any type of standee with us like Flex standee, Table top stand, Roll up standees, Luxury standees, chrome plated and wooden roll up standees. Business can select any type of standee based on their purpose and we design and display the company name on the selected standee.

With Iview Ads, Business can always have an option to choose the colorful corporate standee or standee banner by selecting the right specifications and materials. Flex standee are highly durable, lightweight and has smooth appearance.

While highly professional luxury banner standees, have unique feature of standing out with heavy winds.Iview Ads use material which is thicker than normal one with digital laminated and non tearable vinyl banner. We also offer a wide range of Inkjet printer banner Standees to advertise the products in an effective way. If a business need large format then it is easier to use fabric inkjet banner material.

Choose personalized standee specifications

  1. Size-3 * 6 feet
  2. Quantity-
  3. Type of Standee

Based on the specifications selected our team helps you to choose the best product for your requirement and you can request a free quote at anytime.