Visiting Cards , LetterHead & Envelopes

Visiting Cards

Visiting card is also known as calling card, with details like name, contact info, email id, address and business. Visiting are mostly used for their personal branding. Visiting cards are effective networking for business professionals which acts as promotional tool for your business. Visiting cards include person’s name, e-mail address, contact no, website, company name, and business logo. Your Visiting card is the first impression which provide information to others, your Visiting card seems to be a simple card but clients can take with them and keeps you or your brand identity (business) with them. To create a proper impression your card should be designed in a creative manner.


LetterHead or Letter headed paper is the heading at the top of a sheet of paper. This usually consists of a name, address, and a logo of your business/ company. Letterhead is used to give the formal communication which is written in a professional look correspondence. Business Letterhead is the official paper used to print letters and documents. Letterhead is also represented as your company brand, which gives the best impression to the customers or clients and increase your business branding.


To project a Marketing Message Business Envelopes are used. Envelope is a medium to convey important messages to people. Business Envelopes are mostly used to convey important messages and also invite for their events or meetups. The Face of the Envelope contains Name, Address and Business Logo.